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Mississauga Services to Seniors is a non- profit agency dedicated to providing  services that enable older adults 55+ and  frail, isolated ,  physically  challenged individuals  with cognitive impairments living in socially isolated situation.

We offer quality and affordable services to residents of Mississauga, to support and maintained our mission, vision and values of assisting individuals live their excellent life in the comfort of their own home and live in their community.

Our role is cultivating connections for a more vibrant community through our wellness and Life style centre. We have a state-of the art-fitness and spa life style area for all our seniors to enjoy. Our urban inclusive styles, community space are a reflection of our diversity. We celebrate our vibrant city by making our services for relevant and meaningful living.


All activities, services and programs of Mississauga services to seniors are geared toward addressing the challenges of aging by promoting the health and well-being for all vulnerable elderly.  We help to prevent hunger among seniors strengthen and support them through our network of in- home and community – based services. Our programs and services help to prevent and avoid or delay the 3 biggest threats of aging, hunger, isolation and loss of independence.

We provide supervised social, recreational and therapeutic programming for seniors and or adults with disabilities who are unable to attend regular community activities because of physical and or cognitive impairment. Our goal is to support and encourage the participants’ independence and   optimize their functions and ensure their dignity is maintained.

We provide services to all Mississauga residents.

We welcome everyone to our facility, using the power of gathering to shape, inspire and restore.

Mission, Vision, Values

We envision a caring, supportive community responding to the need of older adults in achieving an active independent life style while living in the comfort of their own home.

Our mission

Mississauga Services to seniors assist older adults by providing a community- based services to improve the quality of life for clients and caregiver
Our programs and services are built on collaborative relationships driven b client need, and respectful each client’s rights to self determination
We recognize success is with each senior and is individualized and independence is a unique part of our personal journey

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are safe and feel secure when accessing our program and services

We are open and transparent in our decision making and responsive to stakeholder concerns

Our programs and services are responsive, innovative, accessible and of the highest quality.