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Brighter Days Program

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This is a group of seniors empowering participants with memory loss and their loved ones to remain connected and active in a dementia – friendly community. We are committed to working with a variety of hospitals, community health center, other partners to create simple, fun and enriching experience.

People living with dementia and their care partners are being encouraged to take a lead in helping to create a dementia- friendly community. The goal is to expand the numbers of theaters, bookstores, parks, community arts centres coffee shops, and more that offer innovative dementia- friendly experiences. Brighter Days Adult Day Program affords up to five hours per day of fun games arts, demonstrations, group discussions music therapy, pet therapy, physical games and exercise. Participants can attend as many as five days per week or as little as a half a day, our program is here to help meet your needs.  Memory cafe , watercolor painting , Music Mends Minds , creative writing and physical movement experience are just some of what people with dementia can already take part in.



  • Opportunity to socialize with peers
  • Avoid isolation
  • Expanded support network
  • Increases self-esteem-combat apathy
  • Increase cognitive stimulation
  • Enhanced life experience
  • Using humour, reminiscing, and creative expression
  • Caregiver respite
  • Nutritious snacks and lunch provide
  • Possible delay or prevention of placement in a long term care facility
  • Engage in community events and activities