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Mississauga Services to seniors is committed to communicate and share complete and unbiased information with clients and families in ways that support them and are useful to improving care.

The personal  Information  and Electronic  Document  act  (PIPEDA)  and the personal Health information    Protection  Act (PHIPA) require that we collect your signed consent to store your person information (PI) and your personal  Health  Information   (PHI)  and to share I with others involved in planning and providing your care (if required).  A client or SDM has the right to access his/ her file in accordance with Mississauga Services to seniors G.3 Privacy and consent policy.


When it comes to your assessment information, the choice is yours:

  • You can request to see your own assessment at any time
  • You can ask for ask for corrections or updates
  • You can tell us if you do not want us to share your assessment

Your assessment information is valuable.

Your assessment information is used to help us to provide you with the right support services to meet your needs. Sharing assessments provides health services providers in your community with the must up- to-date information so they can coordinate health support and service planning

Your assessment information is important.

Your assessment may contain information on:

  • Your mental and physical health
  • Your personal health history

Your assessment information is protected

The information you give us in your assessment is protected and can only be used by authorized people involved in providing you with health support and services. Providers caring for you must keep your information confidential and safe. To learn about how your assessment information is being used and shared, contact our Privacy Officer AT 905 328 3298.

If you have any concerns about your personal health information and how it is handled you have the right to contact the information and Privacy  Commissioner of Ontario at: 2 Bloor Street East , Suite 1400, Toronto , Ontario M4M 1A8 Telephone 416 326 3333 or 1800 387 – 0073.


Mississauga Services to seniors respects the privacy of visitors to its website. We strongly believe that if electronic commerce and online activities are to flourish, consumers must be assured the information provided online is used responsibly and appropriate. To protect online privacy, the organization has implemented the following policy:

  • About the information we Collect – most of the data and information we collect throughout website is used only to help us achieve our mission. It is our policy to collect and store only personal information that our clients knowingly provide.
  • For casual website visitors and General Users- We do not collect any personal information from users browsing our website. When individual use the public areas of our website they are doing so anonymously. We do collect aggregate-use information, such as the number of hits (VISITS) per page. We use aggregate data for internal and marketing purposes, but we don’t collect any personally identifying information.
  • For Our Clients Donors and Others Customers- if , while you are visiting our website , a client orders a product, registers for an event, or requests , the information , the they will be asked to provide certain information . In all cases this information is submitted voluntarily. In most cases, we ask clients make cases, we asked clients to provide their name, title, organization name, address telephone, and e-mail address. If a client makes a purchase, they may be asked for credit card information in order to complete the purchase. Similar information may be submitted to us on an order form or registration form.
  • Customer Lists- Our client list is not for sale, when an individual visit our website or becomes a client, his or her name and mailing information will not be sold to a commercial organization.
  • How We Use Cookies – Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s computer when they log on to a website that allows the website owner to identify the user when they return to the site. Mississauga Services to seniors uses cookies only to support the operators of our shopping cart. We do not use cookies to track usage or any other personal information about the user




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